I usually purchase my flowers at Albertson’s, my local grocery store.  They are inexpensive, have a great selection and last a long time.  I especially enjoy their Debi Lilly line of containers, florals and candles.

The florists were cleaning out their bins to refresh the inventory with new arriving florals and this bunch of hydrangeas were headed for the trash.  I took them home and placed them in a vase I already had on hand.  I harvested some small branches of yaupon holly berries from my garden for a pop of color and set the vase on top of a tree slab base my nephew made for me.

As I was moving things around one day, I needed a place to stash my extra large glass dome — also known as a cloche — and wondered what it would look like on top of the centerpiece.  It took it to a whole new level adding texture, height and interest.  Its almost like a terrarium-like atmosphere for the flowers.  Two weeks later they are still as fresh as the day I rescued them!

I’d call this a happy accident.