My hip, 80 year old neighbor Helen told me I needed to try Trader Joe’s boxed banana bread mix.  Her tip was to add one ripe banana to the ingredients which calls for the basics — two eggs, oil and water.  As I type this I wonder if next time instead of water I tried orange juice.

Anyway, I made a box of it last night before bed so it would be ready for Miss Bee’s breakfast this morning.  I always add my own touch of sprinkling the top with cinnamon sugar so it makes a nice crust.

I had a slice this morning with my coffee and it was really, really good.  It wasn’t dry and had lots of flavor.  This would make a great staple to keep on hand in the pantry.  I think it was $2.99 for a box.  You could make a fun gift basket with a box of this and include a bag of coffee or box of tea, a few bananas, a tea towel and a magazine.  It is definitely buzz worthy!