At 3:23 a.m. this morning, my sweet Daddy went to live in heaven.  For the last four years, he has been my constant companion, one of my greatest joys (and pain in my side on just a few days) and a wonderful father.  I wouldn’t trade anything for having him here with me.  I know that he is pain free, can now see out of those beautiful grey eyes again, can run and skip, and is flying airplanes with Jesus as his wingman.

As we were all sitting out on the patio enjoying a cool night, we looked up to the heavens and saw the most beautiful Moon.  Tonight is a Perigree Moon also known as a “Supermoon.”  NASA tells news that the “super” in the word Supermoon refers to the rare beauty and illusion that the Moon will create this evening. At first glance, tonight’s full Moon may not have a proportional difference than any other night, but as NASA explains, when tonight’s Moon is observed behind foreground objects like trees and foliage, it will appear “supersized” and brighter.

There is more to be excited about tonight’s Moon besides it enlarged appearance. It will appear also thirty percent brighter that a normal full Moon. The last time this happened was March 1993.   And yet, tonight’s Moon is only fifty thousand kilometers closer to the Earth to create this spectacle.

So while tonight’s “Perigee Moon” may appear as the biggest and brightest full Moon in almost 20 years, there is always something exciting to capture in the sky.  Of course, I know, it was all my daddy’s doing.  He picked out this moon just for us tonight.   It’s his way of telling us “I am okay”.