the-conjouringMiss Bee loves scary movies.  In the last 6 months or so I have been her chaperone to see Mama, Warm Bodies and World War Z.  I always have to sit by myself in the theatre because she and her friends like to sit on the back row.  So, surrounded by my popcorn, candy and a drink I have to console myself when scream worthy moments arise.  It’s kinda like counseling.  Just tough it out.

Several weeks ago I read about the new movie The Conjuring in a magazine.  I won’t reveal too much about it, but it’s based on a true story of a family who move into a farm house in Rhode Island only to be forced out again because of demons living in the home.  A real-life couple, The Warrens, who’ve dedicated their lives to helping families with these types of issues, come to the rescue.

hot-guy-in-conjouringHere’s a few observations.  The movie has no gore or random slashing.  It’s pure scary, suspense.  A cross between Amityville Horror and Poltergeist.  Both movies scared the pants off me.  This movie is set in 1971 so it’s full of kitchy 70s décor and vibe.  Doors that randomly open and close.  The mayhem starts at 3:07 a.m. every night.  Yikes.

If this couple showed up to help me exercise demons from the house, I’d be set.  He’s dreamy, she’s gorgeous.

A few tips.  Be prepared to scream.  Take your blood pressure meds before hand.  Plan to go straight home to bed because you’ll be exhausted from screaming and constantly pointing behind someone’s head to say “turn around.”

hanging-feet“What?  Do you see something?”
“Mommy can’t play right now.  She’s missing her face. Cause, I ate it off.”
I hope they conjure up a sequel.  Perfect, summer movie.