Daddy had an old 70s chairs in his office.  When we cleared it out after he passed away I knew I could transform it into a present day jewel.

When I Googled “70s office furniture” to see if I could find a similar pic of my chair, I found this funny image…seriously, how did she get any work done?  Check out her get up.  She only has one office supply on her desk — is that a stapler? And what is she looking at?  Is that Carol Brady?


This is my chair before he went to Alfonzo the hot upholster guy.   He has asked me many times “where do you find this stuff I recover?”  Velour floral fabric with a fun pocket on the back.  I am sure that in its glory days, there were a slew of them in a
conference room with the day’s agenda tucked inside the back pocket.  I
imagine the focus of the meeting was probably how they could get the
secretaries to be more productive at their desks, while still wearing hot pants.

I found some awesome lime green hounds tooth fabric at Hobby Lobby — 3 yards for a grand total of $6.31!

And, here’s my new blogging chair…

 With a cute owl pillow from HomeGoods

 And no back pocket.

I may spray paint the legs (probably should have done that prior to the new upholstery).  But for now, many a fine idea will be taken for a spin in my new bow-chick-a-wow-wow chair.