Raise your hand if you purchase the most beautiful journal every January and commit to documenting your thoughts, ideas, and goals. By February your journal has a thin layer of dust on it, and by summer the journal is buried under a pile of magazines, catalogs, or books. In December it goes into the Goodwill pile.  This is me! Did you know various studies have found that people who set aside time for daily journaling have fewer doctor visits in the following half year, and reduced symptoms of chronic diseases like asthma and arthritis? Click here to learn more.  

I think I have finally found a journal I can relate to – The Positivity Journal for Women by Brook Noel. In the introduction, Brook explains how her journaling came to be after a loss. She now specializes in grief, life management, and balance for busy women.  Here’s how Brook describes the journal:

Every day is a clean slate. A fresh start. An opportunity to wake up and turn over a new leaf. But we don’t always treat it that way. So, what would happen if we took the time for a moment of gratitude? How would your life change if you stepped into the world with a positive affirmation propelling you forward? What can we accomplish if we focus on positivity and let the good guide us every step of the way?

The Positivity Journal for Women is a daily gratitude journal that allows you to change your outlook and start each day with inspiration and joy. Each daily spread includes:

  • An inspirational quote: encourage daily positivity and spark grace in your life
  • Daily prompts and journaling space: one question a day to help you see each day and its many possibilities
  • An affirmation for the day: daily affirmations to set the tone for each morning with intention and encourage your best self
  • Space for daily gratitude: tiny gratitudes to encourage your personal growth and mental wellness

What I like about it – the daily activities are short, thought-provoking, and don’t require you to write a novel in your responses. You also write down every day something you are grateful for. Here’s what January 1 looks like:


I’d love to do this journal with YOU for the remainder of January so we can meet and keep each other accountable. Here’s how it will work – purchase a copy of The Positivity Journal (Amazon has it here for $20 and you’ll receive it by Friday if you order today).  Take the weekend to get caught up on Days 1 through 8. On Monday start checking my daily stories on my Instagram or Facebook. Each day through January 31 I’ll share a few minutes of the prompts and you can ask me questions in the direct message. I may even do a LIVE segment so we can talk about our goals and challenges. Who knows, I may invite the author to join me for a LIVE Zoom interview!

I am ready, prepared, and committed to small daily actions. I greet this new year with enthusiastic expectations!  Will you join me?