If you are searching for the perfect catch-all gift to send to anyone in your life: look no further. Have you ever head of SugarWish? Well, now you have! Read closely because you’re definitely going to want to remember this one.

SugarWish is a treat-delivery gifting service that allows the recipient to select their treats to be shipped directly to their door. It’s perfect for celebrating any special occasion under the sun: birthdays, congratulations and holidays of course. As the gift giver, you get to pick out which type of gift you want to give (candy, popcorn, cookies, pet treats, coffee and tea, snacks etc…), select the size, add your customized message and then hit send. An extra-cool bonus is that these SugarWish gifts can easily be sent to coworkers through Slack and Microsoft Teams. (There is also an entire corporate gifting page on their website) Then, the recipient gets to select the exact treats they want from the SugarWish online shop. This ensures they get their favorite treats!

My sweet SugarWish order. Look at those delicious cookies!

I’ve received a few packages from SugarWish and I’ll attach the photos of my box down below. The cookies I received were delicious – fresh and individually wrapped. I selected different flavors and even stuck two in my freezer to enjoy later. SugarWish is sending everything in holiday packaging through the end of the year.If you’re interested in sending a SugarWish this season, be sure to use my HWT link by clicking here to let them know I sent you. (I don’t earn anything from this link, it’s just so the sweet folks at SugarWish can see where their customers come from!) If you send or receive a SugarWish gift, be sure to let me know by sending me a direct message on Instagram, @homewithatwist. I hope you have a sweet day!