I shared last week that I kicked off the countdown to my end of August birthday with a month’s worth of giveaways from some of my favorite brands. This week’s birthday gift to TWO lucky recipients is jewelry from Collections by Joya. I am so honored to collaborate with this woman-owned brand and share the positive impact the founder, Betsy Necrelli is making in the world.

Narcissus Earrings

For nearly 15 years, Betsy and her business partners designed and sourced the finest furniture, textiles, and statement pieces internationally for some of this country’s largest retailers.  But the best part of the job was getting to mingle with artists in India, Indonesia, and Europe, many of whom were supremely talented women. They loved learning about women’s lives and livelihoods and would always return home wearing some of their handmade artisan jewelry accessories. It dawned on Betsy one day over wine with friends: we need to spread this joy around, and so Joya was born.

Many of the pieces in the Joya collection are inspired by original antiques, some family-owned, like in her grandmother’s jewelry collection, and some found during Betsy’s travels. Her curated collection of hand-crafted jewelry is created by artisanal communities around the world. Betsy’s team devote a lot of time and thought to create pieces with intention and meaning. You’ll find beautifully delicate medallion necklaces and earrings adorned with the celestial signs – the tree of life, a compass, a butterfly, a bee (my personal favorite), and many more. These very personal pieces are absolutely on-trend and perfect for layering or to wear alone. Mass production is not their passion – long-lasting unique pieces are.

Joya Bee Medallion Necklace

Collections by Joya is more than just another jewelry company. It’s an internationally owned, for women, by women, artisan brand; a channel for jewelers all over the world to share their unique, handmade treasures; and a support system for women everywhere. The name for her company – Joya – translates jewelry in Spanish which is a nod to her Spanish partnerships.

When women support each other, incredible things can happen.  At Joya, they are committed to giving back to women’s causes around the world. In addition to creating and selling some of the most authentic and intriguing accessories available today, Joya also has a huge focus on helping women by donating, with every purchase, to women’s charities striving to improve women’s lives every day. They do this in a traditional way by giving a portion of their sales to organizations like the Bali Life Foundation and The Women’s Safe House. Read this article featured in Fortune magazine on how Betsy and three other women-owned businesses in the Midwest launched She Votes a nationwide voting initiative; a campaign that provided resources and information about the voting process with the ultimate goal of getting more women to the voting booths last November.

She Votes pin from Joya

I am excited to share some pieces with two lucky HWT followers!  Hop over to my Instagram account here to see what I will be giving away this weekend during a random drawing. Be sure to visit their site Collections by Joya to see their offerings including a brand new charm collection.

Joya believes when one of us lends a hand to lift another woman up, we’re all uplifted. Impoverished women in forgotten corners of the globe need our help. And so do the women in our lives who could use a pleasant surprise. Treat a new mother or a grandmother to one of their treasures.  Reward a recent high school grad or the homesick college coed.  Share with sisters, daughters, and best friends.  Imagine what spreading the Joya could do!