I’m excited to start a new series here on my blog called ‘Small Business Spotlight’ where I’ll be sharing some incredible stories and small businesses with you all. Not all of these small businesses will be local (Fort Worth and/or Texas) but I’m starting off with two of my favorites in town. One of the best parts about living in Fort Worth, Texas is the unique and diverse small business community. Today I’ll be sharing The Market at Ridglea and Keeping Up With the Joneses, both located in Camp Bowie District.

The Market At Ridglea (https://themarketatridglea.com/) offers local retailers the opportunity to lease affordable retail space. It is a cooperative retail space made to promote small business and provide a convenient central hub for local customers to shop for clothing, gift items and home decor. The cooperative retail space concept allows retailers to create a storefront space in a more cost effective way.

When you walk into The Market, you are greeted with colorful sights and decadent smells. It’s a wonderland of shops and displays of delicious candles, gifts, clothing and so much more. You could truly spend hours wandering the aisles of this magical place. The Market would be a great place to find a lovely hostess gift, new stationary, festive dish towels, candles galore and holiday decor. Next time you don’t know what you’re shopping for… go to The Market at Ridglea!

Keeping Up With The Joneses (https://www.keepingupfw.com/) is owned and operated by my dear friend Judy. This spot is a well-curated shop featuring women’s clothing, accessories and home goods. Products range from casual to cocktail apparel, athletic apparel, jewelry and accessories and ceramic home furnishings and decor. The style of the shop is classic and timeless with a splash of southern prep (Hello, Chinoiserie!).

When you enter the shop, you’re greeted with tons of eye candy. Judy will be there to help you find your perfect size, fit and style. She makes you feel right at home! Feel free to peruse the whole shop before entering the dressing room because part of the fun is searching the whole store for hidden treasures. I love that inventory is limited and seasonal, so there is always something new to look at, and you know you’ll be getting exclusive picks!

Be sure to follow @keepingupwith.thejonses and @themarketatridglea to stay up to date and join the Camp Bowie District community.

I hope this new series gives you the inspiration to explore the small business community in your own backyard and beyond. I look forward to discovering and sharing more stories and small businesses with you all. If you have a recommendation for this series, please direct message me on Instagram, @homewithatwist, for a chance to be featured.