I’m almost 50 (half a century old– yikes).  Last fall I went to the dermatologist and one of my “concerns” was brown spots which just magically appeared especially along the sides of my face.  Although I wear sunscreen on my face everyday, it’s the daily exposure to ultraviolet radiation over our lifetime that causes our skin to age — hence the brown “age” spots.

She recommended the Eminence Organics skincare line.  It’s made with all organic ingredients like fresh fruit pulps, exotic spices and plants, and free from paraben, mineral oil and petroleum.  They have a line for every skin type from acne to wrinkles and everything in between.  It’s super concentrated so a little goes along way.
While you pay more than what you would pay for a grocery store product, it’s not going to break the bank.  I feel at this time in my life, taking good care of skin and paying for high quality ingredients is worth it to me.  She recommended the Bright Skin line.  I have been using the line since August and I still have more than a third left in the containers.  They taught me to use just a little product and rinse with lots of water.

I start with the cleanser in morning and use my Mia Clarisonic — which if you don’t have one, get one.  My skin had lots of little bumps under the surface and I was having breakouts.  Since I started using my Mia, my skin is so much clearer.

My absolute favorite in the line is the Age Correcting Hydrating Mist.  You know how after you wash your face, especially in the winter, it can feel tight or dry.  Well two pumps of this on your face and you instantly feel dewy and hydrated like your skin just took a big gulp of water.

After I wash and mist my face, I apply the moisturizer with SPF of 30.

 A few times a week I give myself a spa treatment with the masque or exfoliation treatment. The scrub smells just like a bowl of strawberries.

I think I look pretty good, even if someone did think when I was holding a friend’s baby this week…that is was my grand baby.  This is one hot Grandma!