I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it.  I just moved my Grandmother Ruby’s sewing table from storage into my bedroom to make it a dressing table.  I am the only person who probably gives her furniture names. Meet Simone.

Sewing Simone is named for Simone Beck, author and expert in French cooking.  With Julia Child they wrote The Art of French Cooking.  I imagine Simone could have whipped up pot holders or aprons at this table.

 Simone is going to the spa for a little updating, but I thought you’d like to see her first. 

I love the drawer handles.  I think I am going to try to clean them up a bit with Rub-n-Buff.  At first I thought I wanted to paint her and even though the top is not in the best shape, with Miss Bee’s encouragement I am going to leave her alone on the painting.  I think with a beautiful fabric and glass cut to fit I can cover the top.

The drawer still has the thread bobbins holder which I am using to hold my rings.  I put a ceramic tray in the drawer to hold some of my frequently worn pieces of jewelry.

Add a few touches of other accessories.

The mirror is Earnie’s. I purchased the leather and chrome ottoman from QVC a long time ago.  The paint color is new.  Martha Stewart’s Cumulus from Home Depot.  The cat is Oreo.  She’s crazy, but very pretty.

Next up.  Divinity candy.  I hate it.  Sister Bee loves it.  I think it tastes like mucous. Going to try and see if I can make it.  It involves a candy thermometer.  But, I’ve mastered that.  Today, Earnie is making a new candy recipe she got a church.   I’m sure we’ll have a fun story to share about that.

I challenge you to go now and name a piece of furniture in your home.  Cheers!