I’ve had it with the space I keep my spices.  The lazy Susan’s get jammed.  I never know what spices I have or don’t have.  You’re dead to me.

I decided to take the door inside my pantry and make it spice central.

I found a door sized rack at Home Depot for $40.  Then, I cleared out the cabinet checking the dates on all the spices.  Throwing out the expired ones.  What a waste.

Two treasures I found…

First, in England they call sprinkles, Sugar Strands.  I have had this jar for 6 years.  I don’t use them.  It’s sentimental.

Second, I can’t recall what this spice was, but it expired in 1998 which means I’ve probably had it since 1996 and that was at the first house (3 houses ago) that Mr. Bee and I lived in when we were first married.  Yikes.

I found a spice inventory on this blog and checked off everything I had and made a list of what I need to replace.  I clipped this list inside the pantry so I can have an at-a-glance of what I have on-hand.

I found spice jars for a $1 each at World Market and was able to use a 15% off coupon.  I spent less than $30 on 36 spice jars.  They’re just big enough to hold the contents of the small sized spice container, which I determined is all one needs so your spices don’t go to waste.  The tops come in all colors.  I liked the turquoise blue.

Then I got my label maker going while Mr. Bee hung the shelf.

Note:  Ruthie, the weinerful, inspecting the work.

The bottom rack holds all of Mr. Bee’s barbecue spices.  The next one holds the basics like Lawry’s seasoned salt, sea salt, pepper and peppercorns.

The next rack holds a variety of cooking spices and the one above it holds baking spices.  The two blue trays hold extracts, shakers of powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar, toothpicks, matches, baking soda and baking powder.  At the very top are boxes of tea and coffee.

I’m making the empty cabinet a place for more dishes and serving pieces.  It’s nice to be organized.