I will be posting quick, seven little things you can do to make your day more special.  I am a laundry geek.  I love to do laundry.  I love how the clothes smell after they come out the dryer.  I love to fold clothes.  So, it would make sense that I am a laundry product geek as well.

I have seen these advertised on TV. I was in the grocery store yesterday and they had them on sale so I threw the ‘fresh scent’ in the cart.  I couldn’t wait to do laundry last night.  It comes with a dispenser cap so you can put in as much or as little as you want.  I put just a very small amount in the washer with the clothes.  I don’t use the liquid Downey, but they have a “how to” graphic on the Downey website.  I looked like the lady in the last pic.

“Now, go out there and be your fabulous self!”