I love to score clearance grocery store flowers.  I was in Kroger’s this week and picked up a dozen cream roses for $4.99 and a mixed bouquet for $2.  It’s not a huge investment and it makes me happy to see flowers around the house.

The domed pedestal dish is from my friend Mary May. I filled it with the cutest little “Tom Thumb” candies from bestie Julie.  These pretties are in my Ladies Lounge.

The pillows in the background are from Target’s spring line.  Pink is
one of my favorite colors.  The pedestal dish is sitting on top of some
of Earnie’s books.  The other pink thing at the bottom of the pic is a
passion flower candle from World Market I can’t bring myself to burn
because it smells so darn good.  I think that’s kinda like quilters who
like their fabric too much to use it…