My home is where I find my bliss.  I love to nest.  Someone asked me recently what do I like to do when I have free time.  Well, other than take a nap, I love to clean my house, do laundry, bake, work in the garden, and just be.  I am content to do nothing.

Spring time is the best time for color in the garden.  I took some pics recently of the front yard in its prime of the season.

I love to search Pinterest for chalkboard art ideas.  When I find something I think I can draw free hand I sit down on the porch and work on it.

I purchased a window box at the nursery and it’s loaded mint and thyme.

This is the view from our front porch.

 The Dianthus and pansies under our tree
 This big, juicy gyspy moth flutters around the garden
sipping nectar from the flowers.  I saw him last night, too.

 Front walk way with Earnie’s poppies.
 Garden in the front yard.

I took these pics using the Waterlogue iphone app.

“Home is the nicest word there is.”
Laura Ingalls Wilder