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My first list from the 30 Days of Lists started yesterday (read about the journaling challenge on this post here).  Bestie gave me a set of pretty journals for my birthday.  I’ll date each page so I will remember when I wrote my entry.

The first question is super easy and fun…September is for:

Football games to start — I don’t like to watch football unless it’s my favorite college team TCU, but I just love how a football game brings everyone together for tailgate parties.

The end of summer — Summer is not my favorite season, especially since I live in Texas where it is hot from May to October.  I like Memorial Day weekend, but it’s down hill from there.  By August, Summer and I have broken up and we’re ready to move on.

The beginning of fall — who doesn’t love pumpkins, bails of hay, gourds!?

Labor Day Weekend — usually my birthday is celebrated during this quintessential end of summer holiday.  It’s synonymous with the end of my month-long birthday “MissyFest” tribute and I get a day off from work!

Decorating my porch for football – I love knowing it’s time to change out the decor on my porch with TCU purple and white pom poms, pennants and Riff Ram chalkboard lettering.

Cooler mornings — maybe I can start the day with a cardigan, even though by the afternoon I will be sweating.

Fall clothes — to me, nothing says fall like wearing my boots.  My favorite outfit to wear is a lightweight sweater,  a jean jacket, skinny jeans and boots.

Pumpkin Spice Everything — My friend Cindy gave me a Starbucks gift card for my birthday and I will be the first in line when they launch pumpkin spice lattes.  Trader Joe’s annual pumpkin shopping guide — everything in my cart is pumpkin.  From waffles, to English muffins, to ravioli — I cannot get enough pumpkin.

Gets us closer to Thanksgiving — my favorite holiday of all the year!

Colors of fall — #orangeismyhappycolor, brown, gold.  The leaves changing.

Gardening in the fall — the best time of the year to plant new things in the garden like bulbs, pansies, and mums.  We have several new flower beds to prepare this fall and I am excited to get them started.

See, journaling can be fun and inspirational!  Visit 30 Days of Lists to learn more about their challenge.