clearfork signNew to our community is the Clearfork Farmer’s Market.  Held every Saturday, it’s on the riverfront of the Trinity Trails situated next to Press Cafe and Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop. Their mission is “to provide fresh, high-quality, locally grown products to the Fort Worth community and to promote and sustain local agriculture through farmer-consumer connections.”

There were runners and cyclists who stopped to get refreshment, yoga enthusiasts doing a class on the lawn and lots of families stopping in for coffee and donuts.

I went with my friend Karen and we enjoyed visiting with each of the vendors to learn about them and their products.  Everything from wildflowers, bread, pies, meats, produce, goat’s milk smoothies, and plants.  The market is from 8 a.m. – noon, and even though there is adequate shade from trees and tents, by 10 a.m. it was starting to get warm.  I can imagine that in the fall and early spring this space would be heavenly to hang out way past noon.


Wildflowers from Kimberly Gerdeman

Here are a few tips…wear comfortable shoes so you can easily get to and from the gravel parking lot.  Take a tote bag with you to carry your purchases.  Most of the vendors provided bags, but sometimes it’s easier to combine them into one bag.  Bring a little cash.  I’d say the majority of the venbreakfast sausagedors accepted credit cards, but one produce farmer was cash only and I missed the chance to purchase yellow zucchini.

I bought some delicious pork sausage from the Salty Pig Sausage Company — two varieties Blueberry Honey and Peach Jalapeno.  The blueberry sausage was bulk and it made two medium sized patties.  Mr. Bee and I enjoyed it for dinner that night with scrambled eggs and buttered whole wheat English muffins.  You could taste how simple the meat ingredients were, nothing processed.

I’ll share a great drink recipe this week using Vanilla Rosemary syrup I purchased from Le Monade.  Let’s see what else…Karen treated me to a blueberry lavender pie from Sweet Lucy’s Pies and I got the most fabulous succulent garden in an enamel basin from M Bar M Farm.

close up of enamel pot

I may have to make a field trip out to Parker County to see their thirty beehives that produce their honey.

mand m farm

And the morning would not have been complete without a fresh, homemade, right out of the fryer, hot donut from Doughboy Donuts!












handmade pigIf your community has a Farmer’s Market, I encourage you to become a fan.  It’s a wonderful way to support your city, purchase fresh food and make new friends with the people who bring their farm to your table.

Hope to see you Saturday!