Three fun things at work today…first it’s my favorite day of the week Friday, second we had cake at 10:30 a.m. for one of our student workers for her birthday (no, I didn’t eat any because of my Lenten sacrifice, but it was okay because it was chocolate), and third, I have a chicken salad sandwich from my favorite place, McKinley’s, for lunch.

During our snack time this morning, I had another realization that I am old enough to be the mother of the girls I work with.  None of them remembered Stir ‘n Frost cake mix.  How tragic.  They looked puzzled as I tried to explain how it came with its own pan and two packets — one for the cake mix and one with ready made frosting.  Bake and eat from the same pan!  Genious.

So, I did a little research and here’s what I found..

“Next time when a big cake is more than you need, pick up a Stir ‘n Frost!”  They hit the market in 1978.  I ate many of these during sleepovers.  The moms would buy each girl their own cake and we’d bake them and eat them — the entire thing — warm out of the oven.  This was comfort food when the friend got dumped by her long-time (2 weeks) boyfriend over the blue rotary phone.  “I’m sorry, boy this stinks. Want to make a cake?”
Not sure what happened to them.  I guess they learned the foil lining caused cancer (kinda like the caramel color in Coke and Pepsi).  Now, they’ve been replaced with a microwave version called “Warm Delights.”  I’ll just hold on to my memories of Stir ‘n Frost.  I miss you girl.