I was flipping through my new Pottery Barn catalog last night and I spotted something I wanted to try and replicate on my own.

I love the centerpiece using the glass hurricane with the orchid.  It’s not a new idea, but I think I liked how the orchids were placed in the glass with moss making it look kind of terrarium-ish (I just made that word up).

The glass hurricane sells for $79, but I wanted to come in way under that.  I already had the orchid stems.  I need a few bags of moss sheets, balls, and floral putty to hold it down.  I knew I also wanted a tinted glass hurricane.  I found one at Target for $23.

I gathered all my supplies, which cost less than $16 at Michaels, plus a pair of clippers for the floral stems.

 I bought two bags of moss, and one bag of six moss balls.

 And one bag of clay.

I took the wide mouthed hurricane and placed a big piece of clay at the bottom

Then placed the three stems of orchids in the clay

I emptied both bags of moss around the bottom of the stems to hide the clay, then placed the balls on top.  I wanted an end result of rustic elegance.  Not too fixed. 

An easy simple update, with a splash of color.

Have a fab Friday.