Thanks to A Night Owl Blog for posting the most delicious Limoncello Cupcake recipe.  My friend (and trusted CPA) Mrs. Schumacher brought me back the cutest bottle of Limoncello from Italy.  I think she wanted to help me redeem my efforts when I made a Limoncello Prosecco drink that looked like barf…

I since learned you are supposed to use regular Limoncello in this drink, not a creme based Limoncello.

So, when I saw the recipe for the cupcakes I knew I had to give them a try.

They don’t look like the finished product featured on A Night Owl Blog, but I’m pretty sure they taste just as great.  There is no doubt these have lemon in them, very puckerish (I made this word up), but in a good way.  And, the frosting.  Well, I may put Mascarpone, an Italian cheese made from cream, in all my frosting recipes.  In fact, you could easily substitute Mascarpone on your breads like biscuits and muffins as it has fewer calories and less fat than butter.

I put just a light spread of the home-made lemon curd on the tops of the cooled cupcakes, then iced them with the Mascarpone powdered sugar frosting.  A few cupcakes indented slightly when they cooled so with those I added a little more curd.  When you took a bite, the curd just flowed out to make the prettiest presentation.

These are worth the effort and mess I made in the kitchen.  Have a sweet Friday!