These lovelies are growing in my flowerbeds.  Profuse petals of sunshine.  It’s all my Daddy’s doing. He loved sunflowers.  Probably from his time of having a farm as a “hobby.”  He’d plant seeds in the backyard and despite the fact that his eyesight was fading to the point of being blind, he would tend to his flowers.

We never got around to planting his seeds in our shared backyard once we moved in together as a combined family.  I suppose I was too busy being a caregiver and not slowing down enough to simply plant a package of seeds.

The first summer after Daddy passed away, a random sunflower plant popped up in the front yard.  A few pretty blooms, but not in a place I really wanted it.  After all, sunflower plants are top-heavy and pretty much fall where they want to.  Seeking perfection, I felt they were out of place for my manicured garden.

One day,  I stared at the toppled over plant and a thought came to me. It was exactly where it needed to be.  Front and center.  That was Daddy’s personality.  Always in the middle of everything.  We left the sunflower where it was and cultivated the seeds.

Now, we have five big stalks of flowers in the backyard.  One hot summery evening, I gathered a pocket full of Daddy’s sunshine.  His sunflowers and Mother’s pair of Cardinals that greet me every morning are reminders of their love and presence everyday.