Unlike the cookie recipe that I made over the weekend which we gave away to our neighbors because we didn’t like them, the recipe for Honey Salmon in Foil was a success.  I shared it with Mr. Bee and he decided to make it for dinner.

We paired it with the roasted cauliflower which you can find in an earlier blog post here and Trader’s Joe’s spinach, cranberry, blue cheese, and candied pecan salad.  It was really yummy.
Sister-out-law shared with me that when her parents retired they each took turns cooking.  Her dad would cook for two weeks, then the mother would cook for two weeks, and so forth.  I told Mr. Bee this is what we were doing now.  He’s in week one of his two week stretch.  So far, we’ve had homemade meatball subs, this dinner and last night was Miss Bee’s birthday so we went to her favorite place Red Lobster.  So, look forward to many more posts of Mr. Bee meals.

Follow me on Instagram too if you want to get updates on the animals of the Hive.  Our address is ruthieandthecats.  Here’s Wilson waiting patiently for his serving of salmon.

He’s still waiting…