Just fun stuff you may not know about me…

First paying job:  I can’t remember which happened first, but the two jobs I remember were working at the Ice Cream Palace at Six Flags Over Texas.  I worked at the cash register ringing up customers.  I hated it, because I can’t make change that fast.  It was intense.  And the uniforms we had to wear were horrid.  So I quit, telling HR something dumb like my dad got a transfer to California and they didn’t tell us until that morning we were leaving town.  Sketchy.

Or, it could have been the Shrimp Bucket.  It was “the” place to eat for seafood.  Casual, but a fun place to go on a date.  I was the hostess.  I liked my job, but it annoyed me that when I called the name to be seated, “Jones party” I’d get no response.  Crickets.  I’d have to go find them and I’d go up to tell them their table was ready and they’d go back to drinking and finally saunter over to their table.  Annoying.

Southern Food Loves:  I can’t tell you the last time I had any of these foods, because they are not on my healthy list, but if I am tired and want comfort food — here’s my dream dinner….chicken fried steak with cream gravy, corn and mashed potatoes (mixed together), yeast rolls with butter and honey, iced tea, and a slice of chocolate ice box pie.  If chicken fried steak isn’t available then I’d substitute it with fried chicken.

Growing Up My Parents Had a Farm:  It was in Cleburne, Texas.  We had cows, pigs, goats and horses — not all at one time.  It was such a fun place to go away to for the weekends and holidays.  Daddy had a business in town, so the farm was mostly a weekend getaway place.   Every Easter we’d dye eggs and have some serious egg hunts outside.   We spent all our Thanksgivings at the farm, too.  I spent many a sweaty summer four-wheeling on the open acres, driving the Willys Jeep (always in first gear because I had no idea how to drive a stick shift), picking wildflowers or fishing.  Mother picked plums and mustang grapes and would make jams. Many a pet was laid to rest under the massive oak tree.  My parents never really modernized the farmhouse, but it felt homey and comfortable, and Mother managed to cook some fantastic meals in that kitchen. It would be the perfect Chip and JoAnna flip today. It was a great place to grow up.

Something I’m bad at:  Reading owner’s manuals.  I hyperventilate especially if there’s a diagram with numbers and a small tool included.  I have no patience for reading instructions and I always hand the job over to Mr. Bee who happens to be very handy.  So, it’s a win-win.

Phobia:  I am really afraid of lightening.  Most fears are irrational, so this is redundant, but I have a significant irrational fear of being struck by lightening.  If I am out for a walk and I hear thunder, it’s all I can do to sprint home and with each stroke of thunder I am convinced I am going to go down in flames.  By the time I reach cover, I am seriously in a dither.

So, that’s a wrap until next time.  Happy Monday!