One of the things I missed most during “quarantimes” was traveling and people watching.  My solution…a short trip to Vegas!  With What Would Holley Wear and cute outfits from Kate Spade and Frances Valentine, we have a winning combo! 

When it comes to people watching, Vegas never disappoints….and neither do Kate Spade and Francis Valentine!  To discreetly observe people, the first thing you need is a pair of sunshades.  Besides disguising you from the public, a pair of Kate Spade shades give a movie star aura.  To top off your incognito style, you will need a fabulous hat.  From one of Frances Valentine’s canvas hats to one of Kate’s straw hats….we are sharing a marvelous selection.

Click the pic to shop Holley’s Vegas style.

If “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” fits your personality…then good for you.  But I’m that girl that’s going to tell it all!  And a day spent at the resort pool always gives me something to talk about…. fashionably speaking, of course.  A beautiful Frances Valentine embroidered tunic or caftan dress is ideal for poolside people watching.   The same goes for a cute swimsuit and coverup, and with Kate Spade’s vibrant choices….you too can give them something to talk about! 

Click the pic to shop Holley’s style.

Click the pic to shop Holley’s poolside style.

Okay, I’m just going to say it….I love dinghy bingo parlors!   Really…there’s nothing like playing bingo in a dark smoky room with little old ladies pushing walkers!  For  bingo-style, you can’t miss with Kate Spade’s sailor pants paired with a color-block cardigan.  And don’t you think one of Francis Valentine’s cardigans gives a “golden girl’ vibe….in a trendy way?  We are also smitten with Frances’ cropped floral pants topped off with a white blouse, blue bangles, and sexy heels.   BINGO!!!

Click the pic to shop Holley’s winning BINGO style.Somebody’s gotta win…right?  I’m betting that’s you!  With a winning black and white ensemble, you can definitely “fake it till you make it”!  For a drink at Wynn’s Parasol bar and dinner at Lakeside, top off a pair of black jeans with a white eyelet or lace top and add a pair of sassy heels!  FYI….be sure to treat yourself to the pineapple upside-down cake!  Oh, and one more thing….a flirty midi or maxi dress is perfect for a game of craps.   Sounds like, we’ve got a winner!   

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From “down and out” to “faking it till you make it”….I have a hunch you too are ready for a little Vegas-vacay and a whole lot of people watching!  

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