On a recent visit to my doctor for a check up, I mentioned to her I was dismayed that my skin was finally betraying me with “dark spots.”  I guess I’ve done pretty well if I am just a few years shy of my 50th birthday and have gone this long with having no signs of sun damage.

Earnie used to keep me slathered in Pre-Sun, which I remember burning like hell upon application.  Maybe I was getting my own version of a chemical peel when I was five.  Hey.  She did me a favor. 

My doctor recommended a chemical peel.  When I researched the cost, I just couldn’t justify the expense even though I know it would probably yield fantastic results.  I went for an at-home version.
Kate Sommerville has a Clinic-to-Go resurfacing peel kit. 16 individually packaged, pre-treated wipes.  You peel the tabbed cover off, place your fingers in the glove-like pocket on the back, rub it on in a circular motion.  Wait two minutes, rinse off with water, then follow with moisturizer.  You are supposed to do this twice a week for four weeks.  You can follow up a few months later and use the rest of the box.  At $48 for a box of 16 pads, your basically paying $24 per peel.
The pre-moistened pads have all sorts of natural ingredients in it such as sage extract.  It makes your skin feel very tingly, especially the first few times you use it.  I noticed no redness or irritation afterward, other than two weeks into it, I am noticing a little peeling of my skin.  Which means it’s working.
I am peeling back time.
* I am not receiving any endorsement for this product.  I am just always looking for ways to look younger.  A girl can dream.