Raise your hand if you have a huge box, or three, of loose photos needing to find a proper home.  Without the help of my dear friend and professional organizer, Elizabeth Jones with Nest & Transformation, I would have never been able to downsize my photos and mementos from the huge cardboard boxes into seven neat and tidy binders. Elizabeth readily took the boxes and went to work.

First, she had me order personalized binders in a pretty pattern with numbers on the spine to help me know which binder to source depending on the subject. I found these custom mint and gold binders on Zazzle. Elizabeth suggested ordering at least two more than I needed so I have extra binders for the future that way they will all match.

Next Elizabeth ordered plastic three-ring binder pages for a variety of sizes of photos (you can find all these suggestions in my Amazon Home Organization store here):

  • Trading Card photo pages for school photos, concert/sports tickets
  • 3 1/12 x 5 photo pages
  • 4 x 6 photo pages
  • 5 x 7 photo pages
  • And 8 1/12 x 11 sheet protectors for love letters, certificates, full-page recipes, playbills, and travel memorabilia.

Elizabeth sorted through all my photos and memorabilia organizing them by subject – like my school photos in one book, photos of family members in one, and so on.

Then Elizabeth returned the finished binders for me to store neatly in my closet. When I want to use a photo for my blog or enjoy it, I can easily find what I need.

And the best thing about three-ring binders is that when you find a forgotten stack, you don’t have to redo the whole album. Just insert the pages in the right spots. Having all my photos neatly organized in one space feels so good. How easy is that?! Please reach out to Elizabeth for her help on residential and commercial organization projects. Her team will do just about anything and with a big smile!