The easiest way to tackle organizing any space is to work on it in small segments. Use a calendar and write down a goal each week for an area of your home that hasn’t been tackled in a while.

Last week my goal was to clean out my kitchen drawers.  I immediately went into this with the mindset that the only project for me that week was drawer organization. This kept is manageable and achievable. It may take a full day to just go through each day, then you have to order the supplies for the drawers. Plan on this being a few days so you don’t put pressure on yourself for a quick turnaround.

For the kitchen project, I enlisted the help of Mr. Bee. I asked him to help me remove everything from each drawer, I mean everything and lay it out on the counter (he even asked me, “take out everything?”).  Yes, and the reason is that you need to look at each utensil and ask yourself when was the last time you used it, does it work, do I have more than one, can I donate or throw it away. This was a good exercise for him because he never seems to know where things are or where they go when he empties the dishwasher. Does this sound familiar?

Once we did that, we wiped out the empty drawers and cleaned the dividing containers we use to separate our utensils.

Once we finished sorting we found several things we set aside for when Miss Bee moves into an apartment after graduation, we threw things away that didn’t work properly, and we even found gadgets we didn’t know we had – one thing we have no clue what it was, but Mr. Bee insisted we keep it because you never know. I obliged since it’s a tiny gadget and may disappear soon anyway.

Here is the kitchen utensil drawer:

Click the pic to shop the drawer organizers

The white baskets are from my Amazon store. They fit nicely and compartmentalize like items –  all the measuring spoons in one space, our most-used utensils in front, etc…

Here is the “party drawer”

I have this set of ten clear organizers in many drawers in my home. In this drawer, they are perfect for sorting cheese knives, cake servers, salad tongs, little spreaders, and spoons for a charcuterie board and serving cakes and salads.

Here is the gadget drawer:

These are items we don’t readily use but still need.  Things like a pastry brush, zesters, candy thermometers, etc.. We used the same clear organizers in this drawer. The organizers are the perfect profile for a narrow space.

Then we have the silverware drawer:

The expandable silverware caddy is from Container Store here.  I like how it’s adjustable based on your needs. In the front of the drawer, we have our chopsticks and chopstick rests from Le Creuset.  That tiny little box I found at the dollar store and it holds corn cob holders!

That’s a roundup of this week’s organization project. I’ll be back next week to show you the results of my desk drawer and bedside tables.