Over the holiday I tried a new recipe for cake using those sugared, orange slice candies that have been in stores for a hundred years (probably the same exact bags have been hanging there for hundred years on the display).  I don’t know why, but I am strangely attracted to them and like to eat them.  Not a lot at one time, but a few here and there.  My mother had a friend that made a fruit-cake consistency orange slice candy for Christmas every year.  Then, I spied a bowl of orange slice candy next to my man neighbors chair.  He said it was his favorite candy and that his aunt used to make a cake with them.  So, I was inspired to help him out by finding a recipe.

I found one on Pinterest via the Happy Cooker Blog.  It was really good.  I chose to make smaller bundt cake servings instead of one big cake so I could share them with neighbors.


Mr. Bee’s review was that the cakes were good, but I needed to chop the candy pieces a little smaller.  Even though the recipe included mixing the candies with flour to prevent settling, they still did sink to the bottom.  I think the cakes were also better slightly warm. But, nonetheless, it was a good cake and I’m glad I tried the recipe.  There are other similar ones on my cake Pinterest board I may try for comparison.

Why don’t you try out a new recipe this weekend?