blue phoneHere’s a fun story I posted in 2014 about my cherished, blue rotary phone.  Enjoy!

My life is complete.  I now am the owner of a blue rotary phone.

I have wanted a blue rotary dial phone since I was a teen.  The ever practical Earnie said, when she surprised me with an install of my own personal phone line back when I was a teen, “you can choose white or almond.  I am not paying extra for a blue phone!”  So, this was added with the Easy Bake Oven of  “gifts I always wanted, yet never got” list.  Until now.

In February, while on holiday with my childhood besties, we shopped in antique stores in Waxahachie.  We popped into a coffee house and while the lady was whipping up our Americano, I played on the blue phone she had hanging on the wall.  Meanwhile, Mary chatted with a mannequin.  While we appeared to entertain the owner, I am sure she had her finger on the panic button wondering what hospital we had been checked out from.

I had to have the phone.  I told the owner my situation of childhood blue phone neglect and she made me an offer on the phone I couldn’t refuse (it might have been more likely that she wanted us out of her store).  Mr. Bee lovingly cleaned it up for me…it had lots of goo and finger prints from years of use and he hung it on the wall in my HoneyComb Hideout .  Of course, it’s just for show.  But, I am looking forward to pretending.

P.S.  When Miss Bee saw the phone, she replied, “how does it work?” Welcome to the 70s, baby.