letLisa P. sent Mrs. Twist a question recently…” I need your fun ideas for gift containers for edible Christmas gifts. I usually use the traditional tins, but they are proving to be a bit pricey. I know you will have some great ideas for other options. I love to make lots of yummy treats to give away during the holidays. Less money spent on containers means more good stuff to eat!”

I hear you Lisa — ditch the tins!  No one knows what to do with those tins after they are empty.  Mine usually sit at the top of the stairs until the next time I go into the attic to put them away for next year.

So, I went to my tried and true for anything creative — Pinterest.  I’ve rounded up some cleaver packaging ideas that will surely make your baked goodies stand out when you deliver them in the coming weeks.

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with Strings

brown-paper-bagYou cannot beat a package of school lunch bags for the price (Walmart has 100 count for $1.96).  Brown or white is cute. Use rubber stamps to label the contents, the sentiment or who they are from.  Add twine, scraps of scrapbook paper and you’re done. This is definitely a kid-friendly project, too.

Here’s a great recipe from Pillsbury for Kitchen Sink Cookies that would be perfect inside the bags.

The Tin Man

loaf-pan-of-cookiesI love foil pans — especially the 9×9 baking pans with the plastic lid.  One year I made Red Velvet Cakes and tied each pan with red ribbon, a peppermint stick and a sprig of rosemary.

Using a loaf pan, this holds 9 sandwich cookies.  Wouldn’t a row of gingerbread men be so cute stacked inside?

And a Parchment in a Pear Tree

parchment-wrapped-cookiesMy next favorite thing, after foil pans and waxed paper, is parchment paper.  I think I started liking it from my early days of following Martha Stewart.  It’s economical and makes for a pretty presentation.

You could wrap four of one cookie stacked and use Washi tape to seal the sides together. I think brown twine is a pretty touch with some greenery from your yard.  Add this free printable from Nest of Posies.

Such a Chippy Idea!


woodgrain-treeless-gift-wrapOkay, I think this might win the award for the cutest packaging. It will require a massive eating of Pringles, but who will mind that? Just dump the chips in a bowl with dip and take to the office or put in front of my teenager. Instead of cookies, fill with snack mix!  Check out this yummy recipe for Christmas Reindeer Crack here.  Container Store carries this beautiful shiplap version of wood wrapping paper for $4.99 a roll, and a 27 count package of Pringles is less that $9 at Walmart!  I think Chip and JoAnna Gaines would approve of this.

Got Milk?


No description needed here. Here’s a great way to recycle all the cartons of milk we will be using for breakfast casseroles and bread pudding.  It looks like they’ve removed one side, lined with our friend parchment paper and filled with cookies and straws.  Very clever and Santa approved — I’ve heard he loves a cold glass of milk with a cookie or two.  Those tags are easy to find at all craft stores.


Mason Jars

mason-jars_galThey come all in shapes, sizes, and colors everywhere.  Walmart carries a 12 count package for around $9.  Fill with cookies, brownie bites, homemade granola, or hot cocoa mix.  I have something in mind for homemade gift this season…stay tuned.  And they are reusable, too for portable salads.

One idea to elevate the hot cocoa mix, is to tie a small bottle of Bailey’s to the jar for an adult “add-in”.  Check it out here.

I could go on and on, but I think I have rounded up some great ideas. Hope this helps Lisa P!  I am sure your tasty morsels of Christmas will be a hit no matter the container, but why not make it super sweet with something unique.

Check out all my gift ideas on my Pinterest board.  Make this Tuesday the tops!