Mr. Bee and I had the chance of a lifetime to take a trip to Turkey this summer for my work.  It was amazing — A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  While I really enjoyed the people, the scenery and the history of the country, the highlight of the trip was the food.  We stayed in 5-star hotels, but we also ate in small, out of the way cafes.  Regardless of the establishment, the service was superb.  Turkish people prepare their food as if it were a gift.  So, in tribute of my new favorite cuisine, here is my foodie journal…

Fresh fruit on every corner.  Cherries are the national fruit.  Spices in bins to smell and purchase as much as you want.  Shopkeepers are meticulous with the presentation of their produce.We enjoyed this meal seaside.  Hot naan bread, hummus and fresh, roasted vegetables. This meal was one of my favorites.  It was panko crusted goat cheese with a citrus, berry salad.

I don’t remember what this was, but it was delicious and beautiful.

 Fresh fruit finished every meal.
Turkish honey.  Honeycombs hang on racks and you just go up and pull a hunk down.  I had homemade toast every morning with this liquid sunshine spread all over it.
This is what a hunk of honey looks like on the plate.  Pure, clean and yummy tasting.  Turkish bees have got it goin’ on.
But, this is better.  Warm dough baked with heavenly cheese on top.  I love how they serve them on individual bread boards. Wouldn’t that be a fun idea for a party!

Baklava.  Everywhere.  And so much better tasting in Turkey than in the U.S.

Turkish Coffee.  It’s a bit strong for my taste, but you have to try at least one cup while you are there.

The presentation of the food is meticulous.  Plentiful and fresh.

Homemade bread with every meal.  This particular restaurant was making bread in outdoor ovens on the patio.  It was so inviting.

Olives.  Fresh or served with olive oil…and bread…and cheese…

Every afternoon we had apple tea and some kind of treat.  These were the cookies the cook on our yacht made for us.

So in summary…

Then End.