I came across a journal from 2016 when I was doing a “30-day prompt” challenge.  Across the top of the page was “Don’t judge me, but…”  I thought my responses were funny…and not surprising…

I’d rather spend the day in my pjs, in bed watching TV than doing anything else. (Still true, especially if it’s raining).

I hide cake in my room from other people in the house (Not currently true, however I will not deny that it has happened recently…)

I hate to get my teeth cleaned.  (Still do.  I have no trauma related to visiting the dentist when I was little, and I have a great dentist now.  I think it’s the scraping and the buzzing that bother me.)



I only use sunscreen intentionally when I know I am going to be out in the sun for extended periods of time, but I don’t wear it everyday. (Still true.)

I’d rather putter around my house than go to a party or out with friends. (I LOVE being in my house. It’s like a big phone charger for me.  I get my energy and creativity from being around my things, cooking, baking, reading and being with my family).

I buy books then don’t read them. (Now it’s false.  I have really enjoyed reading again.  I have read more books this year than I ever have.  Yay me!).



I keep everything in the house neat and organized, but my own desk and dresser top, why?  (Ugh.  Still true.  It’s my nemisis. Why?)

What would be your secret confession?