Holley is away this week enjoying a nice vacay, so she is letting me be a guest blogger today for this segment of “What Holley Would Wear.”  Don’t worry, Holley will be back next week!

One of my favorite clothing lines is Cabi.  I was introduced to Cabi several years ago by my friend and Cabi-stylist Stacy Stoltz.  The clothing is so well made with special finishes that remind me of couture clothing women … fun linings, interesting textures, contrasting piping and high quality fabrics.  They are timeliess investment pieces without breaking the bank that will last a long time in your wardrobe.

I thought it would be fun to show you my four favorite looks using eight pieces from their spring line…

The Tick Tock crop pants are a comfortable lightweight cotton spandex so they move when you do.  Thin black and white stripes make this a perfect neutral pant that will go with any color.  Pair it with the Party Cardi and I am in love.  The cute little ruffle detail on the hem is very figure flattering, hugging you in all the right places.  I like a cardigan in the summer because Texas heat requires cool air-conditioning inside and this keeps me from freezing.  It’s lightweight enough to toss in your bag when you hit the heat outside.

My #orangecrush!  Stacy will promptly tell you this isn’t really orange, but more of a hybiscus, rose, pale-pink with red tones.  Any way you describe it, I love this color palette.  First, the Amelia jacket — it’s a vintage bomber-style, woven weave and it’s lightweight (plus, my niece is named Amelia).  Pair it with the Rose Top a crinkly, silk-like pop of punch.  Stacy taught me a trick where you take the hem and pull it through your front belt loop to give it a half-tuck look that’s figure flattering.  You can see me sporting this look on Instagram.   Pair with High Slim white jeans, and finish with the OMG tip toe sandal.  Again described as hybiscus with a rope detail, they are surpringly comfortable with my favorite block heel.  Sexy, sexy, SEX-Y!  Serious.

Bell Sleeves are the latest trend and I don’t see them going away.  This Bell Jacket is an adorable neutral navy and white stripe that, like the Tick Tock pant, will go with any color palette.  Wear it with white skinny jeans, denim, a pencil skirt or a pair of cute shorts and the tip toe sandal and you have summer wrapped up.  We all need a black tee that is figure flattering.  One of my secrets to tees is that they must be slightly fitted, not boxy, and lightweight enough to slip under a jacket.  Black and navy together — you bet!  But, if you want color add a bright yellow or hot pink tee with the jacket.  Finish with the white jeans and you have outfit #3.

And lastly, trench coats are the bomb!  This Tanner Trench is my favorite thing because pastels are popping for spring.  Soft powder blue, in the softest, stretchy cotton material, it just slides on with a sash belt and is so lightweight that doesn’t add bulk like a trench-style coat sometimes can. Pair with the Tick Tock pant, a white jean, over a little black dress or navy pants.  The options are endless.  And if you want an accessory to add with it, the Gallop Scarf is beautiful around the neck or as a belt.


I hope you enjoyed this spring-inspired fashion show.  You can find this and so much more on Stacy’s webpage — including a blog with tons fashion tips, tricks and trends.  You can also follow her on “Style Me Cabi” Facebook page here.