What is La Posada?  It’s the Mexican celebration to commemorate Mary and Joseph’s cold and difficult journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of shelter for the impending birth of Jesus. La Posada in Spanish, simply means lodging or shelter.  Our dear friends from church have hosted a La Posada for 21 years and we were invited to be a part of their annual tradition.  It is their family’s opportunity to celebrate the year, the season and the glorious gift of God through their friends.

The evening started with a gathering at a local senior center to sing carols to the residents.  Treats of socks, mittens and toiletries were shared with the residents.  Afterward, we met at their home for a traditional tamale dinner.  As Pam welcomes everyone, Richard smiles for the camera.

After dinner we re-enacted Mary and Joseph’s search for an Inn in Bethlehem.  The men (9th grade and older) were the Innkeepers.  Women and children, carrying candles, played the role of “the pilgrims” Mary and Joseph outside.  We sung a beautiful song in Spanish — The Posada in its original form.

This is Pam’s mother, Mrs. Townsend, who is originally from Mexico City.  She welcomed and greeted guests at the door dressed in Christmas red and very pretty.

We started at the front door.  You can see the men inside singing back their reply that there was no room at the Inn.

Next, we went to the side entrance and repeated the song.  Still, no room was offered.
It was so sweet to see all the generations participating, even the children.

At long last, as the group sang their last song at the back door, we finally were offered a room in the Inn.

Richard led the men inside with his guitar.  I had no idea he could play.  I asked him if he was interviewed by Pam when they were dating to make sure he could fill the position as the guitar playing Innkeeper.

It was lovely to be included in such a beautiful, meaningful celebration.  What are some of your family traditions?

Merry Christmas to all!