My easy three series shares three achievable, inspiring ideas to tackle your to-do list. This post is all about packing for a trip.

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First, if you’re taking a road trip to an Airbnb where you plan to cook your own meals, you’ll want to pack supplies from home so you don’t have to purchase them once you arrive. This is a huge cost-saving, too. To prepare for a recent trip to New Mexico I did meal planning to save money and calories. I wanted to take basic cooking staples like oil, spices, syrup, biscuit mix, coffee, snacks, wine, and so on. Enter the brilliant IKEA bag. Not, just available at IKEA, you can purchase a set of five bags from Amazon here. They easily collapse into a neatly folded stack so you store them away for the next trip. IKEA bags are made off a coated plastic material and have so many uses for around the house – laundry, toy storage, pet supplies, shoes at the back door, recycle bin, linen closet for blankets, and quilts. We used them to help Miss Bee move into her dorm room. To keep all my bottles like oil and wine from falling over and spilling I used my favorite Container Store All Purpose Bin and fit it down inside the bag then put my ingredients inside the bin. Easy peasy.

Second, if you are going someplace where you need to limit your suitcase count – like international travel, for example, I love packing cubes. We used these for our trip to Turkey a few years ago. What I like about them is you can compartmentalize your categories of clothing making it easy to reach for what you need. I put my underwear in one, athleticwear in one, my tops in one, and so on. If you plan to make a transfer in your travel with your bags going on ahead of you, you can pull what you need into a smaller bag using the cubes. The shirts and pants cubes compress your clothes so you can pack a lot more in your bag than if you roll everything. I purchased the Eagle Creek Pack-it Starter Set from Container Store.

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Lastly, I like to pack The Laundress Travel set of laundry supplies to wash and freshen my clothes. The set includes travel size approved stain remover, wool, and cashmere shampoo, delicates wash, fabric freshener, and a stain removal bar. After a long day of site-seeing there is nothing worse than knowing you only packed one bra that now is sweaty. Give it a quick wash with the delicate soap and hang to dry for the next morning. Use the promo code BRIGHT at checkout for 20% off your purchase.

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I hope My Easy Three made your packing easy!  Happy traveling.