Thirty four days and counting until Christmas. I’ve got a great list of ideas to share with you for gifts – at least I would love these under my tree!

Gift One:   The Google Hub.  I love my Hub.  I am team Google, so everything in my house is compatible with my Samsung devices.  If you love iPhone, there’s a home device out there for you.  I purchased Hub from Target for $149 and since I have a Target Redcard I saved an additional 5%, plus free shipping.  It took less than two minutes to set up and sync to my phone.  Housed in my kitchen,Hub has access to my calendar for the day, my contacts, can scroll through my photos, and is voice activated.  I walk into the kitchen in the morning to make my coffee and I say, “Hey, Google Good morning.”  Hub replies back “Good morning Melissa, here’s your schedule for the day” and then shows a five minute top world news video for the day and shares the weather forecast.  When my hands are full cooking I can ask Hub to look up a recipe on my Pinterest or find a video on how to cut a mango.  If you know someone on your list that loves to stay organized, this would be the perfect gift.

Gift number two:  Carl the Snowman from Kate Weiser Chocolate.  This cutie was named as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2018. Carl the Snowman is a dark chocolate hollow figure filled with hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows.  Heat up a pot of milk, place Carl in the pot and watch him slowly melt into hot cocoa for the entire family!  He comes with a recipe card for two version of hot cocoa (traditional and thick and creamy).   There are less than 6,000 less to sell and a two snowman limit per order so be sure to snag Carl fast before he melts away.  I picked up one for our Christmas Eve gathering. What a perfect hostess gift!  Carl sells for $38.

I’ll be back next week with more gift ideas.