Episode Five of the podcast is live here and on most channels where podcasts are heard.

The first part of the story, as most of my podcasts start with something personal, is an honest look at loss, love and my journey to be grateful each and every Thanksgiving.

I share the recipe for Mother’s fabulous Sweet Potato Delight, which Miss Bee will be making for the first time on her own this year – I am taking a break from cooking and I am SO EXCITED!

Here’s the video I mentioned on the hilarious Friends episode over Ross’s dismay that someone ate his “Moist Maker” sandwich.  I gafaw at this every time I see it.

Then, I talk about Ina Garten and her new cookbook Cooking Like Pro.  I have managed to collect most all of her cookbooks – she has ten.  In her book Make it Ahead she shares “Ten Make Ahead Tips” when hosting a dinner party.

While we are on the subject of Ina, I shared her recipe for Cranberry Martinis which I am serving to guests on Thanksgiving as my welcome cocktail.  I cooked the cranberries and orange rind last night on the stove and the house smelled like a citrus grove.  You then pour into a pitcher of vodka and let it sit in the fridge for a few days to infuse.  Serve over ice with triple sec and POW! it’s a Thanksgiving miracle!

Let’s see, I think we finished up with some fun ice breaker activities you can play with guests to create conversation and connection.  I’ve got 81 Ice Breaker ideas posted on my Pinterest board here.  I’m especially enjoying the “This or That” versions.

Thank you for the blessing of your readership.  I hope you feel the love today.  And remember, seek joy in everyday.  #joiedevivre