Mr. Bee is officially retired.  He is so excited.  He has a bucket list of things he wants to do:

  • Be a substitute teacher — I would rather roll myself in honey and be fed to a pack of red ants, but if this makes him happy, then go for it.
  • Go to Culinary School  — he says he will be making dinner for us.  Meatloaf, he reported, is his first meal.  Gives me images of Will Ferrell in the Wedding Crashers.
Ma, Meatloaf!!!

  • Become a certified auto mechanic — he loves to work on cars.  His Porsche dealer friend said Mr. Bee could hang with him in the garage.
  • Take a glass blowing class
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Plant me a vegetable garden
  • Be a mall Santa Claus — he has already started the beard

He retired after 19 years of service from the state, and many more years before that practicing law.  The Department presented him with a flag, framed in a shadow box, that had been flown over the Texas State Capitol. 

Co-workers gave him gag gifts all week — jigsaw puzzles, crock pot liners, Soap Opera Digest, etc..Most of all, he is looking forward to being a Mr. Mom to Miss Bee.  I am really happy and excited for him.  It will definitely add more comedic fodder to my blog.  The wife of a retiree.  Chasing me around in my house coat.