I was strolling Pinterest the other day, and I saw this article from Brit + Co on the new “it” color.  Millennial pink, we’ll be sad to see you go, but fashion has found a new hue to spice up our summer wardrobe. Step aside Gen-Z yellow (and millennial orange, for that matter) — lime, described as a “variation of green that shuffles somewhere between acid and lime” is here to swoop in and steal the spotlight.    Even Queen Elizabeth II tried it out in a neon-bright Stewart Parvin coat and Rachel Trevor hat during a recent engagement.  Should you fully commit to a head-to-toe Gumby green ensemble or opt for just a pinch of the buzzy color, here are some fun, colorful photos if you decide to go green.

Be sure to visit my Pinterest board for the full article here.  Holley will be back next Wednesday with her weekly twist on fashion!