It’s Monday and you know what that means…my day to launch something to keep you motivated for the week.  Today it’s housekeeping.  Pretty timely since your house was likely filled with family, friends and like me a college student home for the holiday.  They’ve all left you with full stomachs, great memories and a dirty house.  Well today is your lucky day!

If you don’t already know about Clean Mama’s website to help you “keep a clean house while still enjoying your family and life with simple cleaning routines that’s perfect for busy homes” you are going to love her free downloadable December calendar.

Visit her site for your own printable and tons of resources for all her cleaning supplies, books, recipes, oils, labels and tips she employs to keep her home clean and enjoyable.  I love a clean house, who doesn’t, but sometimes it is so overwhelming to think “ugh, I’ve got to clean the house today!”  Then you start with one project, see a stack of other stuff you go through, then you get distracted, go to change the litter box, wait wasn’t there something cute on Instagram I need to look at, go to the kitchen for a drink and see dishes in the sink, unload the dishwasher, notice the microwave is dirty, start to clean it, then go back to project #1, and start the whole process over….

“What if I told you that you could spend just minutes a day on cleaning and homekeeping and you’d have a clean home all week long? Those mundane tasks like laundry and loading the dishwasher will become part of your repertoire and daily routine and you’ll become one of those people that welcome visitors and guests. Keeping a house clean and tidy comes naturally for me and I love the practice of homekeeping.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, forget everything you thought you knew about keeping a clean house. Realize that it’s perfectly normal to loathe or resent cleaning. This is because you’ve let it control your life and you’ve set it on a reactive mode instead of proactive and automatic. Let’s change that!”

Here’s her calendar for December just in time for you to apply on Saturday.

Until Saturday, use this week to put stuff away from your holiday gatherings. Just do your simple routines, but wait to tackle your cleaning until Saturday and see if following her suggested routine helps you.

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite cleaning products.  I love Mrs. Meyers  products and this time of the year is perfect for the holiday scented line — like the orange clove, Iowa Pine and Peppermint multi-surface cleaner.  They also have a Peppermint candle that I think would be perfect as a hostess gift.

And during the holidays I love to have full bottles of liquid handsoap in the powder room.  How about the Mrs. Meyers Pine scent?  Visit Mrs. Meyer’s through 11/26 for 10% off your total purchase and free shipping!

And my favorite laundry detergent that I have been using for over a year — Molly’s Suds Original for Sensitive Skin. It’s scented with peppermint oil and is super concentrated.  I only use one tablespoon scoop that comes with the soap.  It’s formulated for HE washing machines and ever since I started using it my front loading washer no longer has a foul smell.  Plus, the clothes smell clean.  I have it on auto delivery with Amazon to save money and I never run out.

I hope this post leaves you excited about starting a cleaning routine.  Have a fab week ahead!