Recently, out to dinner with friends, we shared if money were no concern, what personal luxury would we indulge in on a regular basis.  Most of us said having a personal chef.

I can’t help myself when I go to Macy’s and see how they have merchandised the Martha Stewart line of home products.  Especially her food storage containers.  I upgraded recently to a monogrammed lunch box courtesy of Sister Bee’s Thirty One business.  So, I decided it was time to trade in the Gladware plastic tubs where the lids don’t fit anymore.

Martha made my yogurt parfait this morning and packaged it in this cute little divided cup.  It has a container on the bottom for your yogurt and on top your granola or fruit and a spoon.

Then, she packaged my lunch in this cute four piece lunch to go kit.  A place on the bottom for your sandwich, with little grooves to hold the included ice pack.  Two little containers with lids fit on top of that and a snap-on cover goes over all of it.  It fit perfectly in my lunch tote.  Unfortunately, it’s sold out on-line, but Macy’s still had some in stores.  It would make the perfect gift.
The other thing I would love to have is her salad to go kit.  Great for preventing your salad greens from getting soggy.
Who wouldn’t eat more healthy if we had these fashionable containers to tote to work?