Returned Sunday from a restful time in Ruidoso where the weather was cool and the livin’ was easy.  Woke up Monday morning for my first day back at work…to a stomach bug.  Not so good times the last few days, but I was due for a good bug as I haven’t had one in the while.  As they said in the Devil Wears Prada:  “I’m only one more stomach flu away from my goal weight.”

First post back, thought I would share a cute, easy craft that Miss Bee and I did while away.  Why is it when kids turn into tweens, they suddenly don’t want to exert any physical energy?  This visit she wasn’t interested in the least going with me on a nature walk.  Ruthie, the weinerful, gladly went along.

I gathered a few river rocks and Miss Bee sat down with me to make these….

You start with some river rocks, mostly ones with a flat top so you’ll have enough work space to draw your little something.  I scrubbed them with soap and water.  Put them on a cookie sheet at 400 and heated those babies up for a good 10-15 minutes…

Miss Bee still has the energy to color, so we grabbed her box of Crayolas for the next step…

Carefully take out the rocks one by one with tongs and set them on a cup towel.  Then, using the crayon of your choice, draw away.  The rock makes the crayon melt so you have to work fast, and with not too many colors, or they all blend into one mess.  So you need to do simple designs like hearts, stars, flowers, etc..

We left the sunshine one for our hostess along with a box of chocolates from the local chocolatier.  Who knew crafting in the mountains could be so fun?