I got this message from @hughes9463 on Instagram after I posted Holley’s story on the blog for New Year’s Eve inspiration.

“I really want a chrome polish…not Jamberry though.”


The question was in reference to the cool picture of the chrome nail polish on Holley’s Pinterest board.  This was perfect timing because I was planning to share something that’s Buzzworthy on the topic of nail polish. So, this post will not only answer @hughes9463’s question, but give you the scoop on a nail system I have started using.

This is the photo that inspired the question. Beautiful, metallic nail polish that looks like shiny chrome.  There are quite a few images on Pinterest if you search “chrome nail polish.”  The tricky part came when I clicked on the actual photo.  Either the image or webpage no longer existed or the product was no longer available.  So, I googled it and read some interesting reviews about the chrome look.  Most comments related to the fact that the shiny finish is difficult to achieve. More than one source agreed that the only way to get the polish to go on evenly and achieve the look is to apply it over a thick topcoat of previously applied clear polish.  It helps to smooth out any ridges or imperfections on the nail so the polish adheres evenly.

Most reviewers said hands-down the best polish to achieve these results was Sally Hansen Color Foil — which is no longer available, but you can find it on Amazon.  So, that was a deadend.

I did round up some other metallic options to consider.  They probably won’t give you the clear, chrome finish I think you’re wanting to achieve, but these are some of the hottest metallic colors recommended by bloggers.

Sally Hansen Game of Chromes from their Miracle Gel line

Two colors from Essie –  No Place Like Chrome and Copper Penny

All that being said, I really think the only way you are going to get the metallic look on your own (I am not a nail technician, but I bet your favorite salon could do it with a powder or gel technique), is to go the Jamberry route.

For those of you out there asking, “what is Jamberry?” — it’s a brand of polish like Essie or OPI, but they specialize in nail wraps, kinda like vinyl lettering.  They have a color appropriately named “Chrome” that would give you the spot-on look you are wanting for $15.


Next, is this new to me OPI Gel Break kit I picked up recently at Ulta.   Like alot of people, when I take a break from having gel nails, my nails are soft, they break and peel easily and for about two months I cannot get my nails to grow.  This 3-step kit is made just for gals like us whose nails need critical care to get them back to being strong and healthy.

The look is sheer, healthy color.  The 3-steps include a serum, protector and top coat with ingredients like sodium hyaluronate (a lubricant), vitamins and bamboo extract to restore your nail’s health.  You can choose the kit with the color you prefer (either properly pink, barely beige, too tan-tilizing) and purchase colors separately if you want to change up your look.

I started using the kit on Wednesday evening.  The packaging says I should see results in just a week.  So far, I like the finish and how it’s wearing on my nails.  I’ll let you know after I’ve given it enough time to see results.

Thank you Jan for your question.  If you are on Instagram, like Jan, I post fun content there you might not see on my blog, so consider yourself an insider and follow the fun @homewithatwist.  Keep the questions coming for Mrs. Twist.  She loves the challenge!