letI love it when readers send me questions!  Like this one…

“I would love to know… is it okay to wear white after Labor Day?” A.H. 

Back in the day, Mother (and the fashion/home decor police) had two rules — never more than one mirror per room; and never wear white after Labor Day.  Pish posh.

Fast forward to present day and to quote Madea –“Hallerlujah!” A resounding absolutely “yes” you can wear white 365 days of the year!  I consider white to be a neutral like black or grey.  It’s the perfect backdrop for any color.  Plus, in Texas where it stays close to 1,000 degrees until December, anything goes.  It’s not the color it is what you put with the white that makes it a seasonal outfit.

I went to Pinterest and found some inspiring ways to keep your white jeans in-play during the fall and winter.


White jeans with a lightweight sweat shirt.

For a cooler day, layer it with a blouse underneath.

Pair it with a skinny belt.  Animal print would be a perfect pop here.

For shoes either ankle boots or how about a fun pair of leather sneakers.

When you look at this do you say, “oh, that’s a summer outfit?”  No, probably not.  Take cues from the layers and the shoes.


Next up, white jeans with a coat.

Look at how stylish she is and you can clearly see it’s chilly outside.  Again, take cues from the layers.

Black heels, a fun “Holley” style handbag, a long scarf wrapped around her neck and long coat. Add sunnies and you are good to go.

Look at the lace-up details on the ankle of the jeans.


White jeans paired with a sexy, leather jacket.  The jacket keeps you warm so you just need a simple black t-shirt underneath.  Add a satchel, accessories and animal print sneaks.  Animal print is another year-round pattern that looks great with anything.

white-jeans-with-fringe-purseAnother look I love — pairing white with chambray.  Denim is a workhorse.  It’s like the crisp, white shirt Sharon Stone made iconic.  Chambray tucked into a pencil skirt or worn out with jeans (Holley would front tuck this).  A dark denim blouse would work here, too.

Add a duster sweater cardigan, fun shooties, a bold necklace and a fringe purse and this is the perfect date night look. Hot, hot, hot.

white-jeans-with-cargo-jacketLast look, this is perfect for running errands.

Long tunic top.  I love the style right now of the longer in the back tunic tops, shorter in the front.

Simple sneakers, a bucket bag and an Anorak jacket.  If you can find a jacket in camo fabric you will be on-trend.  The fun thing about a drawstring Anorak jacket is it helps to accentuate the waist. Tons of pockets for keys, chapstick, a snack and phone.

Fun sunnies and you will be boss for the day.

So, I hope this helps put aside any negative thoughts on the white after Labor Day rule.  It’s a myth.

Here’s your shopping list:

  • White jeans
  • Converse sneakers
  • Anorak drawstring jacket
  • A lightweight sweat shirt
  • A chambray shirt
  • Bucket bag or Tote
  • Something animal print — either shoes or a skinny belt

Now, go forth and be fabulous!  Mrs. Twist approved.

P.S.  This message was approved by Holley.