We picked up a box of Krusteaz Pumpkin Spice Baking Mix at Costco and this morning Mr. Bee used it to make pancakes.

Each box comes with six packets of mix to make quick bread, cookies or pancakes.  To make the pancakes you add eggs and water.  It made a pretty generous serving of pancakes.

After we sat down I mentioned to Mr. Bee that Log Cabin needs to make a seasonal syrup that has a pumpkin spice flavor to it.  Then, we got to joking about my submission to Reynolds Wrap for my parchment paper idea which you can read about here.

Taste results:  The flavor was just right — not too sweet.  If you’re allergic to nuts you may not want to try these.  In fact, I’m not a nut-in-my-food kind of person, but they are tiny and were not in every bite.   My vote is give them a try.  If pancakes aren’t your thing, I am sure the pumpkin bread recipe is good.  Krusteaz, in my opinion, always make a high quality product.

As evidenced by the tiny bites I had left on my plate.

They’re worthy of a try!