I follow the The Small Things blog.  Kate always posts fun articles on the latest hair and beauty trends.  One of her suggestions was It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Conditioner.

This nourishing product promises 10 miracles:  Repairs dry damaged hair, adds shine, smoothes and controls frizz, seals and protects hair color, detangles, prevents split ends, stops hair breakage, creates silkiness, enhances natural body, and is a flat iron thermal protector.  It works on all hair types to bring out your hair’s natural luster and manageability while also making hair stronger and healthier with every use. Can be used on wet hair for extra shine or dry hair in place of a styling cream.

I started using it about a month ago.  I have noticed a signficant improvement in the appearance of my hair.  It’s super shiny (like my friend Mrs. Burdette.  She has crazy, shiny hair).  This product has helped me to stabilize my sanity during the snail’s pace attempt to grow out my hair.  My haircut may be scary during its transition but, darn it, my hair is shiny and soft!

Ulta has it for $18.  Don’t forget to use a coupon and you can score it for $15…only a few sprays each time and you can easily get this product to last a while to justify the cost.

Have a fab Friday.