I’d live in the 60s.  I love to watch movies from that era.  The clothing and the homes.  There was a formality of that time, dressing for dinner, cocktails before dinner, after dinner drinks.  It’s funny how in fashion, architecture and home decor these days — the 60s is what everyone is after.  I liked the 60s before it was cool.

One of my favorite movies is the orignial version of the Parent Trap with Hayley Mills, Maureen O’Hara, and Brian Keith.

I found the funnest website the other day Hooked on Houses.  They had photos of the set design from the movie.

This is what the typical lunch looks like in Boston.
Note:  Father reading the paper in the background.  All
Disney movies show the dad reading the paper while the women work.
Nice to know things haven’t changed..
Look at this bathroom.  Now, some people might think
gut job, but it looks like something out of modern home magazine.
I know I have the same Calphalon she is cooking with (note the peasant blouse)
except mine is blue.  Look at the state of the art ovens behind her.  I think
I have the same turquoise vase.
Cookies and milk with the nanny.  I always wanted
a blue phone…and an easy bake oven.
And finally, just relaxing in my ballet flats
listening to my HiFi.  Instead of humming “Let’s Get Together”
I was singing “Copacabana” into my hairbrush.  I have those lamps in white.