Golden ideasI love to bake.  One Sunday, I decided to make some cookies and as I was putting parchment paper on the cookie sheets, I came up with a brilliant idea.

I dislike the cutter on the boxes.  The paper never tears with a clean edge and, try as I might, I never get the edges to match when I try to measure to fit the width of my cookie sheet.

parchment paper

parchment paper cut (2)I always end up trimming the sides, because I think the cookies will like me better if their baking habitat is even.  After I trimmed them, they look perfect.

Then, I thought “wouldn’t it be great if Reynold’s Wrap would make pre-cut sheets to fit the size of most baking sheets?”  I might be willing to pay more if it meant I didn’t waste the extra paper by trimming it with scissors.

I noticed the consumer contact information on the side inviting consumers to give them a ring with questions or suggestions.

Imagine how excited I was when I got an immediate response from their Consumer Response Team.  I bet I totally made their day, shutting down the office because at last a great idea came in on their website.

Here’s a copy of the reply:

reynolds reply

What?  I had to re-read it several times I was so disappointed.  Really, in jest, I say I thought my idea was brilliant, I am sure they have been asked before to consider this idea and likely thought of it completely on their own without my input.  I wasn’t trying to take credit for the idea, I as a consumer, was merely sharing an idea as a homemaker on what product would make my life easier.


This is what my face looked like after I read their email reply…

June2016 407

I am from the South.  Any good southerner knows you always give a “sandwich” criticism.  Start with something nice, followed by the issue, then finish with something nice. In my world where ponies eat rainbows and poop butterflies, here’s the kind of letter I would have written to me:

Wow, Melissa!

Frankly, I am amazed that you are not already part of the Reynolds Family with such great ideas, girl.  We could use someone like you in our test kitchens just whipping up those cookies.  I can see it now!  But, sweety, we have already tried your suggestion and the men working on the conveyor belts could not keep from cutting their fingers using the huge butcher block cutting boards to cut each one of those perfect pieces of parchment paper.  We did have cake and made posters with your pictures on them to encourage the factory workers to keep trying to reach for that gold.  We are so sorry to disappoint your sweet, creative self.  But, just keep those awesomesauce ideas coming and maybe one day soon, your photo will appear on a box of Pre-Cut Parchment Papers.

Hugs for now, 

Rhonda-Ray Reynolds Rutherford
P.S.  Your blog is Fab!!!

Side Bar:  I have since found pre-cut parchment paper made by Kroger.