We’ve all been there — a last minute, impromptu invitation extended before reality sets in, or your spouse has told their group of friends to come over and casually mentions it to you a few hours prior to their arrival.  No worries, I have the perfect spread that takes little effort and just a trip to the grocery store.

First, guacamole.  Everyone loves it.  You can make your favorite recipe, like Miss Bee prefers, or buy store bought from the deli. To up the level of store bought, just add a hand full of chopped cilantro.

Next, corn relish and cream cheese with Frito’s corn chips.  My sister-in-law gave me a jar of corn relish as a hostess gift.  I put an 80z block of cream cheese on a platter, poured the corn relish on top, slightly mixed it and arranged a bag of fritos around the platter. Yum.

Chips and salsa is always a winner.  Take two bowls and fill one with your favorite salsa and the other bowl with mango/pineapple pico de gallo.   They sell these in the deli of my grocery store.  Place the two bowls on a large platter, then fill in the base of the dish with tortilla chips.

For a sweet touch, add a bowl of cinnamon pecans.  Planters Peanuts sells cinnamon pecans that are delicious.  Just pick up a few bags and fill a bowl.  If you have time to make something, I have blogged about this recipe for Cheesy Jalapeno Thumbprint Cookies before here.  They are delicious!

Done.  Five easy appetizers.  Just add wine, beer and sodas and you are set for that party and your guests will never know the difference!