According to research, I have only 18 seconds to convey my message to you today.  Here it is:  Help.  SOS.  Urgent news, please read.  Send help.

I have so many lovely readers, many of you I have met, but most I haven’t.  What I hear from you is music to my ears:  “I love your blog!” “It’s so inspiring!”  “I made those lemon bars you shared last week!”  It makes my heart sing to hear this. Truly, no joke.  More on how I can continue to write for you is included below…

What do I need?  I want more people to share my heart with.  Did you know I started blogging almost 10 years ago when I was a caregiver to my parents?  My sister encouraged me to blog and share my life with others in hopes it may be inspiring to someone out there needing an escape.  After my parents passed away, I took a break from blogging because my heart was broken.  I took about six months to really think about the fact that I wanted to write again, but I wasn’t that same person anymore.  That’s when Home with a Twist was born.

People only take 18 seconds to read something to decide if they are interested.  I may have lost some of you by now, but for those of you still with me right now, I need five simple things:

  1.  “Like” me on Facebook:  If you follow me on Facebook — that’s great.  I actually share more content on FB on a mostly daily basis.   Facebook was created to engage and keep friends connected.  As a result of ads making an increased presence, it’s making it a challenge for blogs like mine to show up in your feed, especially if you don’t “like” my posts on a regular basis.  Facebook thinks that you aren’t interested in my content, so my posts show up less and less.  Easy:  Go here to my page and “Like” it.  Just press the little thumbs up.  Also, click the share arrow just two buttons over — all that does is share the homepage of my blog with your friends so it shows up in your feed and others see what you are reading.  Two easy steps.

2.  “Like” my Posts:  When you see my posts and you think they are pretty or interesting “like” them.  You know how you like those little puppy and kitty videos — pretend I am one of those.  Seriously, only “like” it if you truly do, but the more you “like” my stories, the more they will show up.  I see how many people viewed my posts, but views don’t count nearly as much as “likes.”  Julie in Austin does this all the time!

3.  This is a big one — Share my posts!  The best way to let people know you like me is to share my posts.  Brenda in Fort Worth shares my posts all the time.  Do you know how that makes a blogger feel — super special!  It’s easy to share — just click on the little arrow button and say something like “This cat Trevor is the cutest and you will love his human’s blog!”  Note:  Trevor is really popular — he got 10 likes and almost 200 views.

4Sign up for my enewsletter on my blog.  I have a charter group of about 85 readers that receive my posts in their inbox every morning – or weekly if you prefer a “Digest” version.  It’s like having a friend, or warm croissant, waiting for you in the morning when you get up.  The “Get the Buzz” is on the right side of my blog here.  You just fill out the information and click on the submit button.  It would be super fabulous if I hit 100 subscribers by the end of the week.

5.  Tell Me What You Want!    What do you enjoy the most from my blog?  What topics do you like most, what would you like to see more of?  I’d love to hear from you.  When bloggers hit the “publish” button we hold our breath hoping you will like what we have to say.  Feedback and comments are like caffeine in our cup – or in my case sprinkles on the cake!

That’s it.  Just five simple things that could really help me.  I sincerely appreciate your help and I look forward to having you follow my adventures!